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It's our future

What is the world you want to leave behind for your mokopuna?

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Mō kā uri, ā, mō kā uri āmuri ake nei

Mō Kā Uri is about creating a collective tribal vision to ensure our whānau, hapū and iwi thrives into the future.
"I reckon that a real exciting future for my mokopuna would be if every Tahu was sure about who they are and where they’re from."
"It’s about honouring those who raise our tamariki, mokopuna. It’s about making our iwi really, truly whānau-centric."
"Having a lot more rangatahi enriched within kaupapa Ngāi Tahu, me kōrero Ngāi Tahu."
"The thing about pūrākau is that they're not just fanciful stories, you know. They tell us who we are, and where we belong. There are lessons in them, right."
"It means a bustling rūnanga, having the grumpy aunty, having the nice aunty to go to, you know, all that. Because that's how you learn the rules of the marae."
"One thing I'd always want them to know is that they will always have tipuna who look after them and who will guide them and protect them."
"What we need is to have our leaders talking about the future, talking about the desired location and influencing our people for safe passage."

Creating our future together

25 years on since Settlement, it’s important to reflect on where we are at as whānau, hapū and as an iwi and begin to create the next chapter in our tribal journey.

Reimagining the future

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